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  1. How to Add custom Textures to Your Image

    I’ve received a number of emails from people asking me where I got my textures for my 80’s Cyber images. So I thought I’d just make a quick tutorial.

    I hopped on Google and searched for old VHS box covers. I narrowed the search by size (large) and color (black). I found a cover that had an almost blank back, with a good texture. It was only 1600 pixels on the long side, but that was good enough since I was only using it as an overlaid texture.

    In Photoshop I cropped the image to the back side only. I cloned out the missing cardboard tab on the left and used the patch tool to remove the text. I resized the texture layer (not constraining the proportions) to match the height and width of my photo. I copy and pasted the texture layer on my image, setting the layer property to “lighten”. I did a curves adjustment on the texture to bring up the tones a bit and then flattened it. Voila.

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