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  1. I recently did an apparel shoot for a client that wanted their product hanging on a hanger, but not against a wall, so there would be some depth to the image. Seemed easy enough to me. But the problem, as I quickly discovered, is that when you hang a garment on a hanger, it doesn’t hang perfectly flat in the front. And I needed the front to be flat because the client was planning on overlaying their graphics in post, later on. 

    I spent over two hours, trying a number of different techniques, failing worse each time. I was ready to call it quits, certain that the client wanted something that just wasn’t physically possible, when my stylist modestly suggested, “How ‘bout fishing line?” 


    Yeah. Run a line down each side of the shirt and pull the front flat. So simple. And so genius. So there ya go. My setup and the result.

    Tip your stylists.

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