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  1. You’re the Boss, Assignment #4: Blindfolded

    I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to approach this theme, but I knew that I wanted to photograph a blind person. I know I am not the first photographer to explore blind subjects, but that didn’t deter me from wanting to do it. 

    As I started researching for this shoot, I realized just how little I am connected to the blind community. I only know two blind people- my parent’s friends- and I hadn’t interacted with them since I was a child. But my social media connections came up empty and so I pursued Bruce, who was my dad’s best man in their wedding. What I always remembered about Bruce and his then wife Cathy, was their eyes. They were born blind and there eyes looked like the ocean, all foggy and green.

    Now that I had a subject, I still didn’t know how exactly to approach the shoot. My first idea was to blindfold myself and photograph a blind person. I took that shot first, but besides it being an intriguing concept,  it wasn’t a very interesting image. I put the camera down and began asking him and growing up blind. Did he wish he could’ve been deaf instead? He is a guitarist, so I asked if he thought that his blindness enhanced his ability to play and hear music. I asked if he could perceive lights and darks. He responded by asking how well I could see with my elbow. We then discussed colors and how futile his attempts to understand the concept have proved.

    So after we chatted for a bit, I asked if I could photograph his eyes. These were my favorite images.

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